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Richard Ramirez & The Nervous Corps
How To Love - How To Kill c40

Harsh Noise Wall collaboration, recorded in Summer 2017, between legendary American noise artist, Richard Ramirez - originally from Houston, Texas, now based in Pennsylvania - and the Nervous Corps, harsh noise wall core unit, based in Seattle, Washington, since 2007.

Red cassette shell, white printing, pro-pressed.

2-Panel B/W j-card.
Edition 60.
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"Wooden Block"
William Rage, 2018
-scrap paper on coffee table

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Nihilist Assault Group
Saturation Point X c40

Nihilist Assault Group began in 1984. Members at that time are unknown, although the line-up did include a member of The New Blockaders. Nothing was heard of them until 2005 when they appeared at the No Fun Festival in New York. The line-up for that show included members of TNB, Prurient and Emil Beaulieau. Recent releases have included members of Putrefier, Snotnosed and Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, along with a member of TNB.

Happiness Forever
Mondo Anthem c82

Further Techniques from the Burien School of Electronikosmiche, sound and studies.
Side A is collaged cosmic synthesized psychedelics and transcendent drone approaches, recorded 2016 through to mid 2017. New Dimensional Mathways.
Side B is dedicated to The Times Between The Twilights Of The Middle Of The Spring, as the fewer hours between the Sun's Stretching Rays of Gold diminish.

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Who Rules Diseases LP

The Banality of Existence, depressions and paranoia, fear of the unforgiving brutal boredom of time set to the droning drudgery of modern survival; channeled through synthesis, forced rhythms, recordings of the empty existences contributing to the 21st Century Blood Disco sound.
Unknown:1970/1977 is William Rage (BSBC, NC, :H//F:) and Dustin Johnston (Actuary, To The Point, Distant Relative, Fractured). Bleak, Minimal, Death.
Cover photo is from Who Rules Diseases video by Dustin Johnston.
Mastering by Scott Colburn.
Black vinyl, hand-stamped white center labels.
Edition 104.

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Who Rules Diseases
video by Dustin Johnston

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