Sunday, March 26, 2017-

Slight to Maybe Major Website Overhaul is taking place. If you are paying attention, please excuse the shuffling of the contents. Hope to have this all sussed out in the next week.

Some recent activities of mention:

· Blue Sabbath Black Cheer - Burning Witches 7" is available HERE.
Black Vinyl, Edition 100. BSBC 2011 Assault Trio: Stan Reed, William Rage, Crystal Perez: Dense, Harsh Noise Drift; Dual Damaged Guitars; Broken Electronics and Faulty Cables; Roaring Vocals; Piercing Screams; Horror Show. Recorded in Seattle 2011. Mastered by M S Waldron 2016. Released by !MONDO ANTHEM! 2017.

· Somehow, after all these years, my first release under my own name is available:
William Rage - Broke 7" Lathe-Cut
  Two sides of broken electronic machines wired to play further broken melodies. Hand-cut on clear thick plastic, in an edition of 10. Full-color labels and fold-over 7" cover = nice print. $20USppd, get in touch.

· Unknown-1970/1977 is a collaboration between William Rage and Dustin Johnston (Actuary). Atonal broken electronics; processed field recordings and static loops; chronicles of the despairing existence of all of us.
Unknown: 1970/1977 LP and 7" was just mastered by Scott Colburn this past week, the third complete week of March. The LP masters will be going to the pressing plant in the beginning of April, with a mid-summer release being the goal. The 7" will be pressed and released in the Fall. Both releases will be through the !MONDO ANTHEM! label.

· Warhorse Disease is so very nearly close to finishing up work on the first 7". Alchemical Chaos Damaged Noisecore in the vein of Hardcore; fast, slow, damaged, gold into lead.

·  The Saint Vitus Dance Band is wrapping up recordings for a split cassette
with Abyssinian Flag (feat. John Lukeman, formerly of Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Drowner, etc), to be released as a pro-pressed cassette through the !MONDO ANTHEM! label.
Saint Vitus Dance Band: primitive dual-drummer "rhythms"; pummeled guitars and damaged basses; "vocals"; a seething wall of electronics, synths, feedbacks; protection against lightning strikes, animal attacks and oversleeping.

· Blue Sabbath Black Cheer officially commenced work on a new LP. The first recording sessions since early 2013 took place on March 23. BSBC is back to the 'core of wm.Rage and Stan Reed.

· Nervous Corps has 2 cassettes finished and scheduled to be released through the Phage Tapes label sometime in 2017. New Nervous Corps recording sessions are also scheduled for this coming week, the last remaining days of March = new limited cassettes coming soon.

· Superman Mixes is an acid-house informed project. Mob Zero is a night collision techno project. A split c30 is nearly finished. To be released through the !MONDO ANTHEM! label.

· updates are planned for the Soundclouds, soon...

Still Available For Download:

(Autonomous Individuals Network)

A compilation of 23 seconds from 53 different International Artists, of which 2 are:
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer
Happiness Forever


All Available Now:

William Rage - Broke 7" lathe (!MONDO ANTHEM!) - edition of 10
Happiness Forever - Cloud Dispatches & Demonstration c30 - edition of 10
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer - Burning Witches 7" (!MONDO ANTHEM!) - edition of 100
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer - various OOP LPs - please contact if interested


Cloud Dispatches & Demonstrations c30

Recordings made on the modular synthesizer, recorded direct in glorious Mono.
Two pieces (B-side) that were recorded in April 2016, available for a time on the Happiness Forever Soundcloud, and a new piece (A-side) that was recorded in early-August, specifically for this cassette.

The photo was taken during a pleasant Seattle snowfall in Winter 2012.
Audio was mastered by Matt Waldron.
Cassettes were dubbed real time. Hand-assembled. Edition of 10.
Digitally available for digital acquisition and digital listening to digitally here.


Question, if anyone is reading this and maybe knows someone who knows someone local or far-away; I am looking for physical copies or digital masters of the following flyers, please contact me if you can help, thanks.